Welcome to Wellner Law

Welcome to Wellner Law. I am attorney James Wellner, and I am the founder and owner of WELLNER LAW, PLLC. I have been practicing law since 1980, and I have 30 years of experience in representing individuals and medium and small businesses. The firm is located in downtown White Bear Lake with a convenient location and parking. The firm serves clients locally and metro-wide, but primarily throughout the Northeast Metro and western Wisconsin area.

My practice philosophy is centered on client service and client protection. I use my experience and training to protect and enforce my clients’ desires, intent and interests. I protect my clients by advising them of potential problems and how to protect themselves. I give honest analysis and advice to my clients about their current legal situation, options, rights and responsibilities. I will provide clients with competent, well-prepared and effective representation in an aggressive, efficient manner. This is Wellner’s Law.

When a client is harmed or wronged, or accused of agreement breach or of causing harm, I will aggressively protect and defend my clients, whether that comes through negotiation, out-of-court dispute resolution or from a Judge or jury. Protecting and fighting for my clients in a court of law is also part of Wellner’s Law.

At Wellner Law you will meet directly with me, and I will handle your matter personally. You will be treated with the respect and dignity you deserve. I have worked with clients in your situation and I know what solutions are available. I will convey in plain English, the practical and legal effects of any proposed solution.

Affordable Protection

I provide legal services on most matters on an hourly rate basis, charging a hourly rate that is significantly below what an attorney of similar experience and training could and would charge. The fees reflect my desire to provide my “downtown expertise” at local rates and an overhead that is lower than for larger firms. The firm also invests in technology and systems needed to maximize the cost-effectiveness of the documents prepared. In some types of routine matters I charge a flat or stated fee. This allows a client to know the cost up-front, and avoid surprises regarding the cost of a matter.

With Wellner Law, if you are nearby but unable to come to the office, I can make arrangements to come to you. In addition, you may contact me through the website, where there are forms that may be of interest that can be downloaded.

Give me a call if you need any legal advice or assistance or stop in for a cup of coffee. Just let me know you’re coming so I can make a fresh pot!

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