Areas of Practice

Wellner Law specializes in three main areas of law practice. Click on the area of interest to learn more about how Wellner Law can protect you.

Wills, Trusts & Estates

At Wellner Law, I provide a wide range of personal and estate planning services to a wide variety of individuals. I work with my clients to protect their desires, intentions and wishes with regard to the protection and transfer of family assets, and the distribution and protection of his/her personal estate. I will work with your other trusted advisors to provide that protection to you, including your accountants, financial advisors, insurance agents, bankers, stockbrokers or other attorneys. You will save money avoiding duplication of any services provided by your other advisors.

I work with my clients on personal and business planning, including:

  • Planning for the successful continuation and succession of your business
  • Preparing wills for single individuals, married couples and domestic partners
  • Preparing testamentary trusts for minors, revocable & irrevocable trusts
  • Administratering and distributing estate and trust assets
  • Preparing estate and trust tax returns - state and federal
  • Preparing Powers of Attorney and Living Wills
  • Advising in tax planning

I have a great deal of experience in the administration of probate estates, including those that are straight forward and simple, and those where there are contested wills, contested paternity and/or difficult family relationships. I can probates estates in Minnesota and/or Wisconsin, including ancillary probates for transferring property located in another state. Attorneys fees for probating an estate are not based upon the amount of assets in the estate and you are charged only for the time and effort required. I also provide routine basic probate services for a stated fee.

Business Law

At Wellner Law, PLLC, I advise and protect my corporate and individual business clients’ interests and provide cost-effective representation to achieve desired solutions in a wide range of business matters.

I protect and enforce clients’ desires, rights and interests through the analysis, negotiation and creation of:

  • Leases or purchase agreements for a location or a business
  • Business ownership agreements for corporations, partnerships, LLCs and LLPs
  • Non-compete agreements, and Buy-sell agreements
  • Loans and financing arrangements
  • Formation of business entities
  • Supply and sale contracts

I continue to serve and protect my business clients’ interests, whether existing or new business entrepreneurs, throughout the business operation, with experienced advice on:

  • the purchase or lease of business premises
  • ownership and business entity formation
  • financing alternatives
  • preparation for opening the doors
  • the pros and cons of certain business practices
  • appearing before governing municipalities
  • potential legal implications and effect of new opportunities
  • expansion opportunities or acquisition of competitors
  • “winding a business down” - when that may be the best alternative

When something doesn’t go right, I have the experienced and training to protect or enforce a client’s rights and/or defend my clients, by representing them in litigation and advising them on:

  • preserving rights and evidence of breach of contract and damages
  • considerations of pursuing options and remedies under its legal agreements
  • defending themselves against alleged violations of law or regulation
  • the best resolution to protect my clients and their interests in litigation
  • resolving disputes or conflicts

Providing experienced representation and advice for a reasonable fee, helping clients to make the right decisions after considering their options, regarding actions that can and should be considered or taken, to create and operate a business, or solve a business problem is part of Wellner’s Law.

Real Estate Practice

I am certified as a Real Property Specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association. I have represented title insurance companies, commercial banks, land developers, large and small commercial and residential tenants and landlords, as well as condominium associations. I also represent many individual sellers and buyers of real property, especially homes.

One of the main purposes of this representation is to protect my clients and make sure that there are no problems or issues with the title or condition of the property being purchased or sold. This allows my clients to sell or purchase with confidence. If there are title or boundary issues, I make sure they are removed and taken care of. Of course, when there is the occasional dispute that cannot be settled without litigation, I am there to provide my clients with the benefit of decades’ worth of litigation experience and knowledge, if a lawsuit is necessary.

I represent and protect my clients in the following types of real estate matters:

  • purchases and sales of residential and commercial property
  • purchases and sales of short sale and foreclosed property
  • negotiation and drafting of residential and commercial leases
  • enforcement or defense of mechanics liens
  • representation of landlords and tenants in lease disputes
  • litigation over title and boundary issues and separation of co-ownership
  • zoning, platting and development of property
  • registration of title (Torrens) proceedings
  • negotiating, defending or enforcing mortgages
  • creation of, and the representation of condominium associations
  • representation of property owners experiencing condemnation/eminent domain
  • representing property owners in tax appeals and abatement proceedings
  • and many more

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